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Azyl Music New Albums

Independent Slovak scene has new augmentations from 26th March. Azyl Music, focused on publishing of the original works, has prepared five new titles - let's introduce them here:

HOME MADE MUTANT is a home-made product from its very beginning by a trio: Maroš Hečko (fender piano, singer), Marcel Buntaj (drums) and Martin Gašpar (bass&guitars). Trilogy of love and co-existence, presented with the band's installation, is an audiovisual whole, the narrator of which is a man in an introvert setting. Music to a club as well as to living-rooms. The Trilogy Part I : High Voltage Resistance (Millenium Rec 2002), Part II: Pittbul Report (Azyl 2005), Part III: Home Made Mutant Made Home (Azyl 2008).

ROBERT ROTH is an actor of the Slovak National Theatre with an interesting vocal range and expression. After his Autumn Hamlet's premiere creation he devoted himself to a debut CD Klamanie telom/Body Cheating. 11 songs of a chanson spirit concur with a tradition of Slovak musicians - Dežo Ursíny and Jaro Filip, though with a specific poetics of Marcel Buntaj and Maroš Hečko, the authors of majority of the songs. Roth's unreined energy is not prevailing in compositions, on contrary, CD will reveal his cultivated face. For a while the arrangements, built on acoustic instruments and inspired vocals, have been the background for full blossom of not-revealed-yet musicianship alter ego of Roth.

MARCEL BUNTAJ is a well-known percussionist and his special introduction is not so necessary. He was a co-founding member of the Free Faces, he has collaborated with famous Slovak musicians Richard Müller, Jaro Filip, Andrej Šeban, he has given the biggest concert in Slovak music history with the Elán band in Prague Strahov and after an amount of CDs he collaborated on, he finally decided to release also a pure author's album. His musicianship dimension is broad, he plays percussion, piano, keyboards and he sings and therefore he has been self-supporting when composing - having prepared a series of brilliant, backlit pieces unambiguously labeled with originality to which nothing compares in the Slovak scene.

NOVÉ MAPY /New Maps play acoustic and electronic music, its atmosphere has a finishing touch of the abstract language phrases, feelings of sudden changes in compositions vary with clear and simple passages. Does digital experience exist? I has been worked on. The band NOVÉ MAPY was established as a continuum to the ambient project mindMap. Electronic and music programmer with a singer invited another instrumentalist and more vivid and more dynamic NOVÉ MAPYhave been born, giving a concert in an arrangement: electronics-choo-choos (Igor Iliaš), guitar, keyboard, bass&guitars (Martin Hasák) and singer (Dana Mazalová). The band is an answer to the miserable offer of electronic bands in Slovakia market. There will be ten new compositions on the CD and their concerts.

DOUBLE AFFAIR is a project of a theatrical director and musician Jozef Vlk. After his debut CD Circulation (Azyl 2005) and singer's change, he comes with new compositions on the album Cloudsmaker. Two musicians already known from the preceding album were invited to the new project : Peter Krajniak and Anna Krsmanović. Singer of this new electronic project is Jana Oláhová.

You can find albums here

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