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workshops and one minute's videos of the youngest authors Competition StrangerFestival 2008
TheOneMinutesJR, the younger brother of TheOneMinutes, is a network of organizations throughout Europe focused on young people up to 20 who are eager to shoot and talk about their stories or give their opinions in 1- minute video format . The website www.theoneminutesjr.orgteam - nowadays hosting more than 1500 one minute's films from the whole world - where you may send also your own piece to the competition - annually organize tens of workshops where you may learn to write sreenplays, to shoot, and to edit. Their Slovak partner and the workshop organizer is the Cultural center Stanica Žilina-Záriečie in collaboration with young filmmakers Peter Snadík, Adam Hanuljak and Peter Kotrha from VŠVU and VŠMU (Film and Visual Art Academies) and with the support of AZYL. You will have five days' opportunity to use professional techniques, to write and to shoot your first film, and all that free of charge thanks to the support of European Cultural Foundation, UNICEF, TheOneMinutesJR and MacZone.sk.

Next workshops
2nd - 6th April 2008 in IC Culture Train, Košice (www.icct.sk)
30th April - 4th May 2008 in 13 cubics, Bratislava (www.13m3.sk)

Attention - this year the workshops are open also for the elder - the age limit has been risen to 25. Workshops were organized already last year in Žilina (Stanica, August and October 2007)in Trstena (Gymnasium, September 2007) and this year - once again - in Žilina (Stanica, February 2008). First 50 films shot by young participants are available on this site. More info on workshops: www.stanica.sk.


All of the films shot in the workshops 2007-2008 and their authors have a chance to participate in an international StrangerFestival, held in the period of 3rd-5th July, 2008 in Amsterdam. In the frame of the Festival TheOneMInutesJR preparation there are workshops organized in 20 countries of Europe, with aim to get acknowledged with and to present the opinions and life of the young - their communications, their feelings and what they (do not) understand and what they are instigated with. Since 2008 is an European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, and StrangerFestival is one from 10 official European projects, the questions of status and communication of various cultures has been made a focus of attention. For more information visit: www.strangerfestival.com